MTV is giving you the chance to win $5000 with no strings attached! Take your sweetheart out on their dream date, buy them their dream gift or spend it all on yourself!

Open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec)

You must be 18 years of age to enter

Contest ends: January 21, 2011

Tell us, what would you do with $5000?


92 responses to “Win $5000 NO STRINGS ATTACHED

  • Barbara Hall

    I would use $5,000 to take my partner to France for a romantic trip. I understnd that Paris in April is divine.

  • Katie

    I would save the $5,000 so I can move out with my boyfriend or I would use it for tuition.

  • Tobi Lee

    My significant other moved from England to Canada when he was 12 (he is now 45) and has not been back since. My background is British as well, so it would be great to use the $5,000 and take him and his kids back to England and find out where I came from.

  • Darin

    I would take my wife to a posh resort of her choice and pamper her the way she deserves to be.

  • Melissa

    With $5000, I would pay off my credit card bill, and put the rest into savings so that I can go to school and get my degree sooner than planned.

  • Ashley Price

    I would put the $5,000 towards a downpayment on a house, for myself and family.

  • Crystal

    I would split half the money up. I would put half of it in savings for my house fund which I have been saving up each pay cheque for. The other half I may take to go back to school and / or treat myself since I rarely do so working 2 full time jobs.

  • candy miller

    i would pay of school loans. could really use help with that.

  • Irfan Aziz

    Would be very happy to win this and would thank God by helping his beings that is giving a percentage in Donation. Then taking my wife for a romantic trip on our second anniversary.

  • Terri Baker

    I would take my son to Disney World!!!!

  • Jennifer Adams

    I would escape this frigid cold in Calgary and take my husband on a trip to anywhere warm!

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  • Mary Ann

    I would take my husband and head to Hawaii…. a place I have wanted to go to for a long long time. My fingers are x-d!!!

  • Jon

    I would open a super exciting, exhilarating, jaw dropping GIC…
    And a pile of wine.

  • Kimberly Bartlett

    We live in the middle of nowhere and currently have no transportations so I would buy a desperately needed car so I could get to appointments, go grocery shopping and to work! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • cassandra

    I would use some of it to pay off student loans and use the rest to buy my bf a really nice electric guitar or maybe some lessons 🙂

  • jennieboettcher

    It would be amazing to win $5000. I would treat my fiance and kids to a weekend away and the rest would be put into GIC’s for the kids.

  • Taralee Weckert

    I would Pay off some debt. We started a basement reno last year and i could use some help to pay it off.
    We could take a trip to Belize.

    I will have to decide when I get the $5000 😉
    Thank you!

  • Cynthia Schadt

    If I won $5ooo, I would use $500 and donate it to charity (not sure which one yet), $2500 to take a trip with my husband, to The Netherlands to visit my Aunt who is in her nineties, $500 to my mom, $500 to my son, $500 to my stepdaughter, $500 to my brother.

  • Pat McKee

    would go on a trip to England to see my best friend and surprise her.

  • Nancy Chow

    A romantic trip to Italy — wine, pasta and amore!

  • amy lovell

    I would invest it so my duaghter could go to college

  • Lori Johnson

    I would buy groceries for the year

  • Liza

    I would hve to save some I think, but I would also spend some on me as in less than a month is my 30th birthday!! Now wouldn’t that be a sweet gift!

  • Tara Koshman

    Mine is lame…. I would pay off mine and my hubbys credit cards.

  • Oxana

    I would use the money to change my clunker car for something better. Currently, 53% of my income goes towards mortgage.No money left for upgrading a vehicle to something safe. I live on a farm in rural area. To get to work, I need a car. My 1996 Hyuindai has unknown problem: it is struggling uphills and on turn. It scares me to death to make a turn after a stop sign and not being able to speed up. I was almost hit on a side a few times, because the car would not kick in a gear. I have 3 kids and do not want to die in a car, or God forbid, with them in a vehicle. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Stephanie Cooper

    I’d visit family. I have a new nephew that I haven’t seen yet.

    Also, the kids need new hockey equipment, lol….oh the life of a hockey parent.

  • james newton

    pay off some bills!

  • donna chong

    i would give the money to my son who got behind the eight ball when the economy crashed,he was in construction and out of work for 6 months and incurred a lot of credit debit

  • lily

    I would take this money to plan my son 2nd birthday, Its Feb 4th and give him a best birthday ever.
    Then buy my husband a nice wedding band, since we couldn’t afford one at the time when we got hitched!! He has given me everything i would love to give him something nice for a change.

    The rest….. I would put it away for my kids education.
    thank you

  • jason

    I would take that money and have a wedding with my fiance… she is basically my wife, the love of my life, and we have a beautiful son together and she deserves the best.

    We planned on getting married last year but things changed we had a child and getting married was put on hold, to get this money would be a amazing surprise to my lovely fiance.

  • cathy

    Since this would be winning money I would either use it to take my family of 5 to disneyland since I do not think that would ever happen for us. Or I would use it to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, and have the honeymoon we never had….sigh only to dream.

  • donna

    i would start my own cosmetic line! so many teenagers and adults suffer from acne and covering it up with makeup can irritate and make the acne even worse. i want to make a line that helps acne heal and prevent it while covering it up. 🙂 everyone should feel good about themselves 🙂

  • Jenna

    I would use half the money to put towards going to my sisters destination wedding later this year(that I cannot currently afford). The other half would go into my daughters RESP. 🙂

  • Andrew Chiro

    I’d add it to my current savings towards a house down payment! It would be enough to reach my current goal and finally buy a place!!

  • Kathy Scott

    I would use it to put a downpayment on a home.

  • Elizabeth Peterson

    I would use it to pay for a trip to take my three children on a cruise ship to Disney Land. This would make for lots of wonderful everlasting family memories

  • Sandra O'Neill

    I would use it to take my 12 yr old daughter to Prince Willam”s wedding in London in April, what little girl doesn’t want to see a real princess get married !! 🙂

  • angie w

    Well I’ve been sick for almost two years and about to have a major operation so I’d pay off bills. Then if I had anything left over I’d take a trip some place warm.

  • Karry Knisley

    I would use the $5000 to buy medical supplies for my daughter as her supplies are 500-700 a month. I would also splurge and but a new cell phone as mine is on its last legs.

  • Kim Schau

    I would use the money to go down to the states and have the needed surgery I require on my knees. The waiting in Canada is so long and by the time it’s my turn, I will be in a wheelchair. I’m a gramma with 4 beautiful grandkids and have a lot of living to do.

  • fermat

    I would redo my backyard so I would have a new deck for entertaining, a new greenhouse, and enough room to grow food so I could give to the Food Bank during the growing season.

  • Karen Smillie

    I am a stay at home mom and our family just scrapes by every month…I’d put half of it into a rainly day fund and the other half I would start a Disneyland fund with.

  • Tina

    I would take a trip and blow off some steam, take a friend or two and just get away!

  • Tsahi

    I would take my wife and kids to visit our family in Israel

  • jessica

    would go off somewhere to travel such as madrid, spain!

  • Kay B

    I would splurge and take our family of teens and kidlets to DISNEY before they all move on into the World 🙂

  • Tracy

    With $5000 I would buy a floor for my 120 year old house 🙂 And with what if any money is left over I would continue on in my quest to reno my home – slowly slowly and debt free 🙂 My girls who are 10 and 6 would be thrilled to have something other than the 40 eyar old carpet we currently have though.

  • Christine

    I would fly with my beau for a nice romantic dinner for two. Candles moonlight and looking deeply into each others eyes ❤

    The rest I would donate to one of many worthy causes.

  • Michelle

    I would love to go away on a trip – but first I would use the money to help pay off my debt!!

  • James Williams

    I would pay off old debts and get some new ones.

  • Agata

    I would spend a few nights on the town

  • Bobbi-Jo

    I would spend $2,000 to get my son a new cochlear implant and then i would use the other $3,000 to help pay off some bills!

  • Amanda Bernard

    I would use it to buy a new-to-me vehicle as our van won’t last much longer and we have no money right now to get a different vehicle.

  • Beverley Meloche

    $5000.00 Bucks, DollHairs, Moolah, Cha Chingers!!!
    Wow, First $1000.00 would go into an RRSP. Hmm, $1000.00 as a prepayment on our mortgage. $50.00 donation to Make A Wish Foundation, $50.00 to “Hospice” another $50.00 to The Salvation Army, $100.00 donation to Haiti Fund.
    Now the couples fun part – $500 for 2 way tickets to LAX Airport. $400 for a rental car. Get into the rental car and head for Monterey California. Drive the coast for 2 weeks. $1000 for hotels. (have some relatives I could stay with a few days. $400 for food. $200 for souvenirs for the family. Entertainment = $500 and last but not least $650. leftover’s cause ya always need emergency back up cash when on vacation…
    Hmm I hope that covers it all !!!

  • Gillian

    i would pay off my husband’s student loans. Boy would it be great to be rid of that debt.

  • Damaris

    I would use $5000 to care for my two children. We have been on our own for a year and a half now and I am struggling BIG TIME to keep us all fed. Not very glamorous is it?

  • Tara

    If I had $5000 I would give 10% to the church I belong to and get me a membership to the YMCA And then I would help friends of mine that need it more…

  • Arash Naghdi

    I would firstly pay off my bills than take my parents out on a nice trip to PEI for a relaxing weekend. I know they deserve it so they come first

  • Jeremy

    Barcelona, Spain

    Soccer plus site-seeing

  • mary walsh

    Likely fix the leaky plumbing in the house, but would dream of a trip to a nice warm place.

  • her

    This isn’t where you enter, you have to click the MTV image.

  • Josie

    I would use it to take my family on a well needed vacation!

  • cheryl h

    I would buy new carpeting for our livingroom, diningroom and hallway. If there was any left over, I’d do some painting.

  • John Quinlan

    I would repair some things in my house.

  • Krista N

    It is a toss up….take the kids to Disney Worl or pay some bills…tought decision, but maybe a little of both!!

  • Lauren A

    I would pay off some debt with $5000, before I start a family I would like to be closer to being debt free!

  • Wendi Maroon

    I would give it to my mom. She does so much for me, for the entire family, she’s disabled and lives with chronic pain. Since my dad passed away it’s difficult for her to keep up the house expenses, yet I can’t bear the thought of her selling her home of 50 years, filled with memories of my dad and the family and good times past. She’s the best and deserves the best. This money would pay two months of the house expenses and take a lot of worry away from her for a while.

  • sassyg

    I know If I won I would have to help some one thats having a hard time i think i would write a check to this family iv seen thats has nothing much and is having a hard time to make end meet a cloth thier children, or to people in need I can think of a few already it would feel amazing to know that these people are or have been helped & once thats complete i would use the rest to get ahead in my life also..:)

  • Erin Herman

    I would use the $5000 to pay for some of my daughters medical bills. My daughter was born 2 years ago with a very rare genetic disorder Hemihyperplasia Multiple Lipomatosis. there is only about 14 know cases in the world. She suffered 2 strokes leaving her with cerebral palsy, Bilateral hip displasia, deformed feet and a neurogenic bladder. her medical care is extensive and $5000 would really help towards some of the bills.

  • Sandra

    I would use the money to repay my father for some bills. I would buy the medication that I would otherwise not be able to afford for my dog. I would help out my brother with some items for his new baby, and I would buy myself a gift.

  • Krista

    If I were to get $5000, no strings attached I’d donate $500 to parkinson’s research… I lost my grandfather to it and would love to help with critical research. I also would donate $500 to cancer research. The rest of it would go towards getting the hubby a new work vehicle. He does maintenance and the car he’s driving right now just doesn’t cut it for work and with a 9 month old son we just don’t have the budget for a newer vehicle.

  • Tricia S

    I’d pay some bills and then treat myself to something nice!

  • Maria

    I would pay off my mortgage (not that $5000 is enough to pay it off, but it sure helps!) 🙂

  • Theresa

    I would take my family to a wedding that we are invited to next January in Puna Cana. All of my family will be there and it would great not to worry about the money!

  • Zvonko

    Let my wife and kids go on a $1000. shopping spree.

  • Anna

    I would take my kids on a vacation

  • David Sorensen

    My family and I would be off to Disneyland.

  • Khawla Sorensen

    I would take my children and husband on a great holiday.

  • Tanis

    I would ideally love to pay off some bills, but would probably take a vacation with my family!! 🙂

  • MingYong

    I would use it to make a downpayment on a car

  • Deborah

    Love to take a trip without the kids

  • Sarah Jackson

    I’m torn – I would put the money to one of two things. I would either use the money to put towards our down payment on our home, or take my husband on the honeymoon to Aruba that we never had 8 years ago when we got married 🙂

  • Stephen Wilson

    The things I could do with $5000 dollars. I could spend it all on myself… pay of some debt and whatnot, but with Valentines coming up….?
    I will be working to of course and I have a fabulous wife who has the best job (and hardest) looking after our son. I would love to be able to buy her some lavish gifts maybe a spa getaway or a nice trip away. We have been married 3 yrs and have not yet had a honeymoon.


    I would put some of it on bills, take the hubby on a special date, and probably try to find some kind of beater vehicle that is in better shape than the jalopy I’m scared of driving now.

  • Cassandra D

    My priorities right now is my school and my Mom. Would not have to worry about paying for my books and tuition for at least this 2011 year thus spend some time with my Mom.

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